Lady, lying beside me.

She sits beside me on a chair, when I’m making those journeys happen. The ones I dreamt, to distant lands to explore and create memories for a lifetime. She’s closer to me than realities I watch around, all I could do is leave her unattended for a time I feel I’m contented enough. As the humpy bumpy road of life moves ahead all light. She stares at me from the corners; her interests do not appeal mine. Yeah, the lady called death I heard she travels soul to sole with us. She transforms those stares to smirks, grins & smiles. I say, am not ready. She stays away for a while just with an alarming reminder, we live only ones. “This” time and “That” moment can never be brought back.

Death, when you are abrupt that’s the one which scares me to live. When you do not visit the complaining, hundred and counting and strike at an infant instead, the one whose smile its parents haven’t yet cherished and celebrated enough. All I could say is I hate your surprises. Leaving some chapters plain in the book called life, how would you make me do that. Without giving the home called world enough to remember me. I would drift away like a breeze that failed to bring a chill. I’ve heard the death of many heroes, some I’ve seen and some not. But in common, there was a lot more they all wished to play in the roles of a father, mother, and sister and in all those prototype of relationships.

Death is uninvited and inevitable; you can’t simply turn your face off it. Even to the philosophy that urges us to live each moment to the fullest, we know this contradiction that life attracts life, beautifully, enormously and endlessly. You can never have enough of it.

Finally you’ll strike down at me too. Guess what am not alone, with me there’ll be all those sorrys and goodbyes I failed to tell seeking for an appropriate time. Oh that Love which was an elixir, turns all pointless and arrows at me. Why didn’t you reveal it earlier? I believed in secretly cherishing my feeling but you lady, I remorse why I didn’t celebrate my love enough. Only death questions my freedom of how I chose to live. However everything will sleep forever with us in the same grave. Even then I promise to embrace you the most courteous way. On a fine night or not, with my last blink I wish to only have glad memories as my last sight.



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